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Exchange Conference of Partners of Tahota Overseas Offices Held Successfully

Release: 2019-12-9From: TAHOTAViews: 120

       In the afternoon of December 8, 2019, just on the eve of Global Lawyers Forum, Exchange Conference of Partners of Tahota Overseas Offices was successfully held in Guangzhou. Layer Shen Zhijun – Member of Management Committee of Tahota Law Firm & Executive Director of Beijing Office, Lawyer Ma Chunyan - Senior Partner, Lawyer Huang Yuanbing - Executive Director of Shenzhen Office, Lawyer Yao Ziqi - Director of Xi'an Office, Lawyer Zhang Lili - Executive Director of Lhasa Office, Lawyer Cheng Shaoming - Director of Tahota (Washington) Law Firm, Lawyer John Carter Esq - partner of Tahota Law Firm, Marc Gianni Chiarella, Rob David Webb, Lawyer Hua Yijing, Ms. Ran Xia - partners of Tahota (Sydney) Law Firm, Lawyer Kusum Saakha and Mr. Kiran Prakash Saakha - Director of Tahota (Nepal) Law Firm and Ms. Li Yufei - Chief Executive Officer of Tahota (Sydney) Law Firm and other guests made a series of in-depth exchanges and communications around overseas-institution management mechanism, case-cooperation mechanism, talent-communication mechanism and brand-management mechanism and reached consensus.

       During the conference, it specially invited a batch of cooperative partners, inclusive of Mr. Jose Lamego and Ms. Ines Lamego from Lamego & Associados, Portugal had a series of in-depth exchanges and communications with the representatives of our offices at home and abroad. At the same time, Mr. Huang Yibo - Director of Management Committee of Tahota (Shenzhen) Office also specially went to Guangzhou to support all the tasks throughout the conference.

       As a large-scale comprehensive law firm with an international perspective, Tahota has being committed to exploring the internationalization process for long term. With the comprehensive framework for promoting the legal system throughout our country, the in-depth implementations of multiple national strategies, such as "The Belt and Road Initiative", as well as foreign-related legal services section have played more and more apparent roles in promoting the opening-up and China’s economic and social development in all-around manner. In recent years, Tahota has successively established overseas offices in the United States, Australia, Nepal, Thailand (in production), Japan (in production) and other countries for striving to provide necessary legal assistances for the goal "Go out of China" for Chinese enterprises and citizens, expand the field of foreign-related legal services for Chinese lawyers, enhance the overall international competitiveness, as well as create a foreign-related legal service brand. And Tahota will take it as an opportunity to further consolidate consensus, conduct pragmatic development, as well as create a more comprehensive global legal-service network system for making its own contributions in promoting future construction of global legal civilization!