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The lawyer of our firm has motivated Grenada National Resort Project to achieve the phased objectives

Release: 2019-8-23From: TAHOTAViews: 57


       Vice-premier of Grenada Gregory Bowen (the second on the right) and Chairman of CBI Perceval Crowden (the second on the left)

       In May, 2019, an lawyer of our firm was assigned by China Heng Sheng Singapore Development Pte, Ltd (“Hengsheng Group” for short) as their legal adviser to provide whole-course legal services for “Grenada National Tourist Resort Area Project” that Hengsheng Group plans to invest and construct in Grenada, gaining phased achievements.

       On May 18, 2019, the lawyer of our firm helped Hengsheng Group to accomplish the official project investment agreement signature with the governments and representatives of Singapore and Grenada.

       On August 2, 2019, the lawyer of our firm helped Hengsheng Group to accomplish the project site (256acres 2 roods 20 square rods in total, ) property right transfer procedures and officially gain the property in project site.

       In the same day, Perceval Crowden-Chairman of CBI (Grenada Government Emigration Commission) issued the official approval letter to Hengsheng Group.

       On August 8, 2019, the lawyer of our firm assisted Hengsheng Group to accomplish the signature work for the international engineering construction general contracting formal agreement with xxx central enterprise in China.

       During the period from August 18, 2019 to August 22, 2019, the lawyer of our firm had accompanied Gregory Bowen-Vice-premier of Grenada, Perceval Crowden-Chairman of CBI and Adrian Joseph-Director of the Protocol Department Chief of Protocol, to attend the project introduction and marketing events of Hengsheng Group in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

       In the future, the lawyer of our firm will continue to offer full-sided professional legal supporting services to the project.

       The project, with Partner Meiyingxue as the principal coordination lawyer, Lawyer Li Jinnan from TAHOTA International Business Department, Partner Zeng Hanzhi, Feng Jiazhen, Zhang Jingru, Li Ruixue, Nian Ke as the coprocessors, has gained high appreciations from the clients.

       The project is Grenada national major development project. In the meantime, in accordance with No. 15 the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Act in 2013, the project has been brought into the citizen investment plan, therefore, the investor could apply for the citizen qualification on the basis of this project. In order to ensure the fast and efficient implementation of this project, Hengsheng Group has invested a volume reaching to 10 millions dollars into this project since the very beginning, mainly for the preliminary concept design fee, the project site purchase fee (already finished the land property right transfer procedures) and so on. Withal, the main leaders of Grenada Government have given good appraisals on the practical and efficient working of Hengsheng Group and the project team.

       Located at the southernmost point of Windward Islands in the eastern Caribbean, Grenada is one of the top three national group-the British Commonwealth countries in the world. In the meantime, it’s the agreed country for United States treaty of commerce and navigation and the global offshore financial center, with English as the official language. Grenada, as a British commonwealth of nations inheriting all of its systems, is stable in political scene, safe in society, and low in crime rate. Grenada is the unique country in Caribbean area that has signed the trading and navigation agreements with America, offering convenience for applying US E2 Visa. Besides, establishing a diplomatic relation with China, Grenada has signed Mutual Encouragement Visa Agreement with China after 30 years of friendly cooperation and signed “The Belt and Road” Memorandum of Understanding on September 19, 2018.