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Our firm has helped Huarong Jinshang Asset Management Co., Ltd successfully launch 2019 non-public and short-term corporation bonds

Release: 2019-11-11From: TAHOTAViews: 65

       In recent days, Huarong Jinshang Asset Management Co., Ltd successfully launched a one-year non-public short-term corporate bonds volume of 1billion Yuan in Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The bond issue this time didn’t adopt any credit enhancement measures, gaining a AAA-level of subject credit rating, a A-1-grade of amount due rating, and a bond issuing interest of 4.95% that is lower than the previous bond issuing interest rate level of the issuer. It has left a good brand image on the AMC short-term enterprises in the first-order region of the dealer and the bond in the bond markets.

       Huarong Jinshang Asset Management Co., Ltd, established on Feb 4, 2016 with a registered capital of 3billion Yuan, has main businesses like NPA (non-performing asset), investment and asset management business and financial service business.

       The senior partner of the firm-Lawyer Zhang Junli, cooperating with the team of Lawyer Xue Yuanyuan, Lawyer Wang Yanli, Lawyer Wang Gang and several lawyer assistants, have formed up the project working group, attended the bond issuing work this time, provided whole-process legal services, and assisted the company to smoothly gain the no-objection letter of Shenzhen Stock Exchange and successfully issue. The devoting and hard-working attitude of the lawyers and the high-efficiency, professional and profound legal services have gained high appreciations from the company and the relevant organizations.