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Lawyer Mei Yingxue was selected into “2019 Top 30 in China’s Law Circle” of LEGALBAND

Release: 2019-11-15From: TAHOTAViews: 45

       On November 14, 2019, “2019 Top 30 in China’s Law Circle” of LEGALBAND was officially announced. Lawyer Mei Yingxue of TAHOTA Law Firm, for her excellent professional ability, good reputation and client appreciation, has been selected into the top 30 list, fully demonstrating the industry’s appreciation and affirmation on the excellent young lawyers of TAHOTA Law Firm.

       Reasons for ranking: Lawyer Mei Yingxue is one of the youngest partners of TAHOTA Law Firm with solid law knowledge and excellent legal service capacities. The representative projects of Lawyer Mei include: offered whole-course legal service for the “Grenada National Tourist Resort Area” that will be invested and constructed by Hengsheng Group; assist Hengsheng Group to accomplish the official signature on the international engineering construction general contracting agreement with a central enterprise.

       During the survey of the list for over one month, the survey team of LEGALBAND has carefully referred the recommendation materials of the law firms, the recommendation materials of the lawyers and the client feedback information. By integrating with the long-term observation and understandings of the local survey team of LEGALBAND in China region on the law markets of China, it has finally presented the top 30 most excellent young lawyers in China Mainland. The core evaluation factors have included the evaluation of clients and colleagues on the lawyer, the major transaction or case, and the work experience.