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Shengnan Jia
Email: Shengnan.jia@city.ac.uk
Office: Beijing

Working Area    

      Dr Shengnan Jia, a qualified Chinese lawyer since 2003. She mainly disposed of disputes on commercial law, maritime law and finance law in the Supreme People’s Court of P.R.C (SPC) and Higher courts in different provinces. In terms of commercial and finance law, she participated in and disposed of disputes on asset transfer and equity interests management, certificate of deposit, bank’s acceptance bill and secured transactions contracts; in terms of maritime law, she mainly disposed of disputes on carriage of goods by sea, charterparties, freight forwarder agreement, multimodal transport and international trade. Many cases she disposed of have been treated as leading or typical cases by the SPC.

      Apart from the experience of court proceedings, Dr Jia was also invited to be a Chinese expert witness to submit a report to the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA). Meanwhile, she is a supporting member of London Maritime Arbitrators Association (LMAA). Dr Jia has sufficient knowledge of LCIA Rules and LMAA Rules.

      Dr Jia is not only an expert in Chinese law, but also in common law. She taught English contract law and land law in London, and worked on the comparative research from civil law and common law perspectives. She has been quite often invited to do presentations in the international commercial and maritime conferences and her topics involve Dispute Resolution Solution, One Belt and Road Initiative, Secured Transactions law, Incorporation of Charterparty Arbitration into Bill of Lading, Warranty of Marine Insurance Contract.

      Dr Jia has sufficient knowledge of European legal culture and legal history. Therefore, she has a good social networking and cooperation with European top law firms and universities. She is not only dealing with legal issues with these cooperators, but also organized some international conferences with them, for example, “Issues of Maritime Governance”(2017) supported by Middlesex University and IMO,  “West Meets East: Challenges for Today and Tomorrow, International Commercial and Maritime Law Conference” (2018) supported by Middlesex University and Clyde & Co; Annual Maritime Law and Policy Postgraduate Research Conference (2016-2019) supported by City, University of London.


Working Experience & Honors

2018—present: Partner, Tahota Law Firm, China;

2014-2019; Graduate Teaching Assistant, City, University of London (UK);

2017—present: visiting lecturer, University of Middlesex (UK)

2015-2018: Lawyer, Beijing Zhongrui Law Firm;

Recipient of University Doctoral Studentship, City, University of London

Excellent Lawyer, Beijing Chaoyang District

Advanced Lawyer for Legal Aid, Beijing Chaoyang Bureau of Justice


Education Background

2014-2019 Philosophy of Doctor in Law, City, University of London ( UK)

2011—2013 LL.M. (a Two-Year combined degree, in Maritime Law Maritime Law), Lund University; World Maritime University (Sweden)

2005-2009: LL.M. (Civil Commercial Law), Graduate School, the Chinese Academy of Social Science ( China)

1996-2000: LL.B., Beijing Union University ( China)



Mandarin, English



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