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Tahota Law Firm Powers APPOTRONICS successfully listed and became the first share of Guangdong Science and Technology Board

Release: 2019-7-23From: TAHOTAViews: 144

      On July 22, 2019, APPOTRONICS, which was provided with intellectual property legal services by Tahota Law Firm Beijing Office, was one of the first listed companies of Science and Technology Board. As its stock was officially listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the company became the first share of Guangdong Science and Technology Board.

      Facing the fundamental position of APPOTRONICS's fluorescence laser architecture in the industry, overseas competitors, in order to avoid the layout of company patent protection, have filed multiple invalidation requests for basic patents of APPOTRONICS in the Patent Reexamination Board (at present, the department of patent reexamination and invalidation trial of the China National Intellectual Property Administration) since 2013. Tahota Law Firm Beijing Office, as the comprehensive legal service organization for the above-mentioned basic patent stability guarantee of APPOTRONICS, has provided the company with strong legal support. So far, APPOTRONICS has obtained successful results in dozens of administrative litigation cases of announcement of invalidation and right confirmation from the Patent Reexamination Committee to the supreme people's court.

      After the listing of APPOTRONICS, in addition to continuing to undertake the patent confirmation and infringement cases of the company, Tahota Law Firm Beijing Office will provide further legal services for the strategic planning and protection of APPOTRONICS.