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Lawyer from Tahota Law Firm Provides Special Legal Services for Okay Airways Strategic Restructuring Project

Release: 2019-7-8From: TAHOTAViews: 130

     Recently, lawyers of Tahota Law Firm accepted the client's entrustment to provide special legal services such as due diligence on the matters in relation to the equity strategic restructuring project of Okay Airways Co., Ltd. This project has lasted for several months, and the Lawyers Working Group conducted a systematic and comprehensive legal due diligence work for Okay Airways.

     Okay Airways Co., Ltd. established at the beginning of this century, is one of the first batch of airlines approved by the Chinese mainland. The company has been established for a long time, with large assets and operation scale. In addition, the company also has a great number of aircrafts, mature aviation fleets, and numerous routes. Therefore, this special service is very professional and challenging!

     During the process of special services lasting for several months, Tahota lawyers have won high praise and recognition from client and relevant parties with high-quality, efficient, professional and rigorous legal services. This service also further highlights the strong advantages of Tahota lawyers in the field of project mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, and professional legal services for aviation companies!

     The project was led by Mr. Cheng Shoutai, chief partner of Tahota Law Firm. Lawyer Peng Zheng and lawyer Tan Lei served as the project leaders, together with lawyer Yang Hongxia, lawyer Lu Yi, lawyer Cheng Ying, lawyer Zuo Biao, lawyer Dong Meiling, etc.as group members to complete the project.