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Wu Weide- Consul General of Thailand Consulate General in Chengdu Had Come to Visit together with the Delegation, Undertaken the Listing of China-Thailand Legal Reference Center and Invited our Firm to be the Cooperation Unit

Release: 2019-3-29From: TAHOTAViews: 122

      On March 29, 2019, China-Thailand Legal Education Cooperation and Exchange Forum and Awarding Ceremony of “China-Thailand Legal Reference Center” was held in “China- ASEAN Legal Research”, Block C Xizheng Street under the background of “The Belt and Road”. The Senior Partners of Tahota Law Firm- Yuan Jingsong Lawyer and Zeng Hanzhi Layer were invited to attend this meeting.

      China-Thailand Legal Reference Center is jointly built by Southwest University of Political Science and Law and Law College of Chiang Mai University, aiming at offering legal advice to the people, enterprises and governments of both parties. These famed schools will construct the legal service community and build up the China-Thailand legal services expert database and lawyer database, and shape the center up as a significant platform for the legal communication and cooperation between China and Thailand. As one of the first batch of four cooperation law firms, Tahota Law Firm will work on systematically researching on the investment and trade laws of China and Thailand and maintaining the lawful rights and interests of the people and enterprises of both countries during the increasing trade contacts and investment activities.

      After the meeting, Wu Weide- Consul General of Thailand Consulate General in Chengdu, Peng Cai- Dean of Legal College of Chiang Mai University, and Su Ticai- Vice President of Legal College of Prince of Songkla University had come to Tahota (Chongqing) Law Firm for a visit and communication. The senior partners Li Qingyu Lawyer, Chen Guofu lawyer, Yuan Jinsong Lawyer, Zeng Hanzhi Lawyer, Mei Yingxue Lawyer and Zhou Ying had accompanied to visit the office environment of the firm, introduced the basic situation of Tahota, and undertaken the explanation on the classical legal service cases concerning mineral product, travel and investment. All of the parties had brought out a relaxed and exciting forum, which was about how to strengthen the legal talent cultivation in China and Thailand and the legal services communication and cooperation between China and Thailand.