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Our Firm Helped China Chengda Engineering Limited Company Sign on EPC Agreement for Russia 1.8million tons Methyl Alcohol Plant Project

Release: 2019-6-6From: TAHOTAViews: 164

      In the afternoon of June 5 of the local time of Russia, Russia Nakhodka Chemical Fertilizer Company’s Methyl Alcohol Plant Project of an output of 1.8million tons was overall contracted by China Chengda Engineering Limited Company. Under the joint witness of President Xi Jinping and President of Russia Putin, Dai Hegen, the Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China National Chemical Engineering Group Limited Company- the parent company of China Chengda Engineering Limited Company, had successfully signed it in the Kremlin of Moscow.

      Russia Nakhodka Chemical Fertilizer Company’s Methyl Alcohol Plant Construction Project of an output of 1.8million tons is one of the biggest methyl alcohol projects among the global single-series units. Located at the coastal borderland of Russian Federation, it’s one of the most significant energy deep processing projects in Russia Far-East Special Economic Zone. It happens to be the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Russia, the successful signature of This Project will help the comprehensive strategic partnership under the new era to develop stably and continuously. Besides, after putting into operation, the project will motivate the development of the local methyl alcohol down-stream industry, promote the local economic and social developments, and be meaningful for solving the local labor force employment.

      The Project is jointly attended and accomplished by the senior partners of our firm- Lawyer Li Jinnan and Senior Partner Ni Hong by forming up a working group. Tahota Law Firm, as the special legal counsel of This Project, has attended the checking, negotiation and amendment work of the general contract and relevant technical technology license agreements, assisted China Chengda Engineering Limited Company to undertake the due diligence, provided the complete-flow-scheme and high-quality legal services for the contract signature, and won the splendid appreciations and general consent from clients and project cooperators for the high efficiency, good-quality and professional legal services.