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Our Firm Helps Jiangxi Pingxiang Urban Investment Company to Issue Dollar Bonds in Hong Kong

Release: 2019-7-1From: TAHOTAViews: 840

      In recent days, PingXiang Urban Construction Investment Development Company (hereinafter referred to as “Pingxiang Urban Investment”) had successfully issued pricing RegS in Hong Kong, which bore no rating, 2.92 terms, 300million dollars, a fixed interest of 4.65%, and senior unsecured and credit-enhanced SBLC bonds. This bond was directly issued by Pingxiang Urban Investment, while Jiujiang Bank Limited Liability Company had offered the irrevocable standby letter of Credit (SBLC).

      Established in 2002, Pingxiang Urban Investment is a state-owned exclusive company in which Pngxiang Stated-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission is authorized by Pingxiang Government to carry out the obligations as a contributor. It mainly works on the businesses like urban infrastructure construction, capital operation and investment and financing construction.

      Tahota Law Firm, as the underwriter Chinese legal counsel of this issue, will help the underwriter carry out the due diligence targeting at the issuer according to the law, examine the issuing file, and issue the Chinese legal opinion. The principal handlers of This Project are the senior partners- Lawyer Yang Pengfei and Lawyer Yang Yue from International Business Department.