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Tahota Lawyer visited Remedios Law Firm in Vancouver, Canada

Release: 2019-3-9From: TAHOTAViews: 190

   On March 8, 2019 by the local time, Shen Zhijun, Tahota senior partner and member of the management committee, visited Remedios Law Firm headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, and had a full and friendly communication with partner Anthony m. m. Remedios and lawyer Richie Wong.

   According to Mr. Remedios, Remedios Law Firm was founded in 1989 as a Canadian firm specializing in securities trading and mergers and acquisitions, civil litigation and criminal defense, domestic and international business transactions, family law, labor law and immigration services and it has branches in Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey and West Vancouver. Subsequently, lawyer Shen Zhijun introduced the global network and recent strategic planning of Tahota. Both sides recognized and appreciated the influence of the two firms in their respective regions and were willing to conduct comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in terms of business assistance and resource exchange.

   The two sides agree that China and Canada has enjoyed a long-term friendship, that the relationship between the two countries has stood the test of time and ups and downs and that the future of the two companies’ cooperation will be bright due to the increasing economic and trade demands of Chinese and Canadian clients. At last, Mr. Remedios point out that there are no Chinese-funded law firms in Greater Vancouver in the real sense at present. He hopes that Tahota will get into the legal market in Vancouver at a suitable time to become the first Chinese law firm with a branch there.

   Driven by globalization, legal services are developing towards globalization, large-scale, specialization and networking. For a long time, Tahota has been committed to its global strategic layout and has successively set up offices in Washington, Hong Kong, Seoul, Busan, Sydney and so on. It will also promote actively the establishment of liaison offices in countries along the “One Belt and One Road” line and in developed countries around the world. With the growing economic and trade cooperation between China and Canada, Tahota looks forward to working with local Canadian law firms to facilitate investment opportunities between the two countries and to provide more excellent professional legal services for enterprises and individuals of the two countries.