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Our Several Lawyers Have Been Selected into the Talent Pool of China’s 1,000 Lawyers of Handling Foreign-related Matters

Release: 2018-9-3From: TAHOTAViews: 118

      On Aug. 31, 2018, the Ministry of Justice has officially published its list of China’s 1,000 Lawyers of Handling Foreign-related Matters. Lawyer Ma Chunyan and Li Jinnan, senior partner of Tahota Law Firm, Partner Gan Jianming and Lawyer Yuan Jia, Zhang Tiankui and Lawyer Li Yingzi of International Business Department and Lawyer Dai Qin of Tahota (Guiyang) Law Firm were selected successfully.


      In order to further study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and seriously carry out the Opinions on the Development of Foreign-related Legal Services issued by the ministry of justice and other four ministries, which requires to strengthen the establishment of a layer team to handle foreign-matters and training a group of qualified lawyers to handle foreign-matters, who thoroughly understand international rules and have a global perspective and an international perspective so as to provide legal services for major national development strategies such as One Belt And One Road construction, "Go Out" for Chinese enterprises and citizens, and major foreign-related economic and trade activities and diplomatic work in China, the Ministry of Justice has decided to establish a national and provincial (regional and municipal) talent pool for lawyers handling foreign-matters.


      In recently years, with the further development of the national "the Belt and Road Initiative" strategy, Tahota has rapidly developed its international business department, with its service fields covering the overseas investment and cross-border M&A in real estate, mining, aviation, finance, tourism and other industries. On top of that, it has the team strength to manage large-scale cross-border M&A projects and handle complex cross-border disputes. This successful selection in China’s 1,000 Lawyers of Handling Foreign-related Matters witnesses that Tahota, based on its global vision, has taken a solid step towards the internationalization and brand development, and continuously promoted its lawyers handling foreign-matters to better serve the reform and opening up and contribute to economic and social development!