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Tahota Law Firm Officially Settled in Taiyuan

Release: 2018-10-8From: TAHOTAViews: 315

      On Oct. 2018, Tahota Law Firm  was officially approved by Shanxi Provincial Justice Department to set up an office in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province. This is the 13th office of Tahota Law Firm in China, which presents that Tahota has further improved its legal service network system in North China, while it also align at demands of customer in this core area to provide them with comprehensive first-class legal services.

      Its office in Taiyuan is located at Central Business District(CBD), Changfeng, Taiyuan City. At present, Taiyuan office has collected professional and experienced lawyers in Shanxi Province in the fields of energy and mining, environmental resources, PPP compliance, commercial disputes and construction projects. At that time, it will integrate its advantages of domestic and overseas office, to deeply explore the huge legal service market behind the economic rise of north China, to give full play to the advantages of the central region with Shanxi merchants spirit as well as the coverage of Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Henan and other places, arming at meeting the demands for legal services in the regional economic development, providing more convenient, professional,high-end and better legal services for the rise of central China and the development of economic circle around the Bohai sea and the silk road economic belt.

      At the same time, this office will further set up its legal service system to cover the nation even the world, so as to provide more comprehensive one-stop services for Cross regional business and cross international enterprises. In the future, Taiyuan Office will, cooperating with the offices in Beijing and Tianjin to become key supports for Tahota to cover global market based on its north China points, which is also an important measure of Tahota to support the development of Center China.