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Our Firm Helping Yunnan Provincial Government to Successfully Issue the 2018 Special Local Government Bonds

Release: 2018-9-30From: TAHOTAViews: 219

      On Sep. 19, 2018, People’s Government of Yunnan province has successfully issued the 2018 specal bonds of Yunnan Provincial Government on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (9th to 13rd), with total issuance of 15.45 billion yuan, where the land  reserve is 8.65 billion yuan, shantytowns transformation of 2.77 billion yuan,ecological environment protection and management of 1.9 billion yuan, public hospital of 1.53 billion yuan and  occupational education of 600 million yuan.

      Tahota (Kunming) Law Firm provided legal services for these 14 special bonds in this bond issue. This bond has 25 corresponding projects, covering 7 cities in the province, with bond types of five categories, including land reserve, shantytown renovation, ecological and environmental protection and management, public hospitals, and occupational education. This issuance was over 4.4 billion yuan in total, accounting for 28.48% of the total amount issued in the province.

      In this bond issue, Tahota (Kunming) Law Firm has mainly provided following legal services: participating in the formulation, adjustment and improvement of the implementation plan for special bond issuance; conducting compliance demonstration, special legal due diligence investigation required in the bond issuance; issuing the legal opinion in strict accordance with the laws and regulations and industry standard; providing the whole process and high-quality legal services for the smooth issue of the bonds. With its high quality, efficient and professional legal service, Tahota (Kunming) Law Firm won the high praise and unanimous recognition from government departments, Banks and other cooperative parties.

      This project further highlighted its professional advantages in the fields of government investment and financing, bonds and funds, etc. While assisting the local governments in debt risk prevention and management, Tahota also actively served the local government in financing according to laws and regulations, financing key projects and livelihood projects to promote the healthy economic and social development of Yunnan Province.

      The project heads are Lawyer Li Jikun and Pu Hongmei, and Xie Weichao, Su Qin, Li Yucheng, Yang Wan, Yu Changfu, Li Yanchuan has jointly completed this project.