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Taiyuun T.A.I information system is officially launched

Release: 2018-3-15Views: 295

  On March 15, 2018, the launching ceremony and operation training of the Taiyuun T.A.I informatization system was held at the Chengdu office. More than 80 team representatives attended the on-site training, and other offices participated in this training by live broadcast.



  “We are in an era of legal service reform, an era of management reform, and an era of cross-border “robbery”. Taiyuun is an important step for us. After Taiyuun system realizes the decentration and distributed management, knowledge management is able to return to every team and complement each other with the existing IMS system in order to form a systematic and intelligent information platform.” Xiang Fei, lawyer, senior partner and director of the research department, said in his speech.




  Mr. Zhao Xiaoyang, the co founder and marketing director of Fachan, expressed his hope to join hands with Tahota Law Firm to make a technological innovation in the legal industry.




  Smiling faces from Tahota Law Firm flash across, finally converging into Taiyuun T.A.I, which officially announced that Fachan·Taiyuun T.A.I information system is officially launched with this minimalist and special way.




  After the ceremony, the technical staff of the Fachan conducted systematic training for both online and offline partners.



  The emergence of Taiyuun is seen as a new possibility of using technology to manage law firms, which is a change that improves the productivity of lawyers and a new breakthrough in the construction of an information platform. With the arrival of the era of refined legal services, Tahota Law Firm should make changes, so that knowledge management services can be continuously upgraded and legal services can be more advanced.




  The future has come to let technology drive the law!