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  • 09201903
    On March 8, 2019 by the local time, Shen Zhijun, Tahota senior partner and member of the management committee, visited Remedios Law Firm headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, and had a full and friendly communication with partner Anthony m. m. Remedios and lawyer Richie Wong.   According to Mr. Remedios, Remedios Law Firm was founded in 1989 as a Canadian firm specializing in securities trading and mergers and acquisitions, civil litigation and criminal defense, domestic and international business transactions, family law, labor law and immigration services and it has branches in Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey and West Vancouver. Subsequently, lawyer Shen Zhijun introduced the global network and recent strategic planning of Tahota. Both sides recognized and appreciated the influence of
  • 26201902
    China General Chamber of Commerce in Australia held the first charity fund raising activity with a theme of “hope” successfully at Pier One Hotel in Sydney to raise funds for children with cancer in the Children's Hospital at Westmead and for cancer research as well on the noon of Feb. 25, 2019.   Chinese and Australian political and commercial masters including Cheng Jingye, Chinese ambassador to the Commonwealth of Australia, Wang Hongbo, economic and commercial counsellor of the Consulate General of China in Sydney, Jim Harrowell AM, special envoy of NSW to China, Robert Kok,a Sydney city councillor, Alison Airey, ACBC NSW CEO, and professor Daniel Catchpoole from the Children's Hospital at Westmead, and member e
  • 08201810
    On Oct. 2018, Tahota Law Firm  was officially approved by Shanxi Provincial Justice Department to set up an office in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province. This is the 13th office of Tahota Law Firm in China, which presents that Tahota has further improved its legal service network system in North China, while it also align at demands of customer in this core area to provide them with comprehensive first-class legal services.      Its office in Taiyuan is located at Central Business District(CBD), Changfeng, Taiyuan City. At present, Taiyuan office has collected professional and experienced lawyers in Shanxi Province in the fields of energy and mining, environmental resources, PPP compliance, commercial disputes and construction projects. At that time, it will integrate its advanta
  • 21201809
    On Sep. 19, 2018, Sichuan Port and Channel Development Co., Ltd. successfully issued its 2018 Private Placement Bond (Phase I). This issuance scale is limited within 1.5 billion yuan. This bond is its first issue, with an issuing scale of 700 million yuan, a maturity of 3 years and an issuing interest rate of 5.39%, which is the lowest nominal interest rate of AA+ private placement bond in Sichuan since 2018.      Tahota Law Firm is entrusted by the Company to provide special legal services for this bond issue, mainly including conducting a thorough due diligence, issuance of legal advice and legal opinion on relevant legal issues; providing assistance in reviewing related documents and agreements in the process of issuing bonds; participating in relevant meetings during the
  • 03201809
    On Aug. 31, 2018, the Ministry of Justice has officially published its list of China’s 1,000 Lawyers of Handling Foreign-related Matters. Lawyer Ma Chunyan and Li Jinnan, senior partner of Tahota Law Firm, Partner Gan Jianming and Lawyer Yuan Jia, Zhang Tiankui and Lawyer Li Yingzi of International Business Department and Lawyer Dai Qin of Tahota (Guiyang) Law Firm were selected successfully.       In order to further study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and seriously carry out the Opinions on the Development of Foreign-related Legal Services issued by the ministry of justice and other four ministries, which requires to strengthen the establishment of a layer team to handle foreign-matters and training a gro
  • 20201807
    Li Ning Company renewed its cooperation contract with Wade, NBA star, officially on Way of Wade products on July 18, 2018 at Li Ning Center in Beijing, beginning a new era of their cooperation. This renewal will put the two sides into deeper cooperation in terms of the authorization, operation and promotion of “Way of Wade” products, which is a sign of not only the internationalization of Li Ning, but also of the international market of China's sports industry at a higher level.   After the cooperation agreement, Mr. Li Ning, founder of Li Ning Company, and Wade published “Way of Wade 7" basketball shoes.   As legal advisers of Li Ning Company, lawyer Li Jinnan, a senior partner of Tahota Law Firm, and lawyer Yang Yue, a lawyer from internatio
  • 15201803
    On March 15, 2018, the launching ceremony and operation training of the Taiyuun T.A.I informatization system was held at the Chengdu office. More than 80 team representatives attended the on-site training, and other offices participated in this training by live broadcast.    “We are in an era of legal service reform, an era of management reform, and an era of cross-border “robbery”. Taiyuun is an important step for us. After Taiyuun system realizes the decentration and distributed management, knowledge management is able to return to every team and complement each other with the existing IMS system in order to form a systematic and intelligent information platform.” Xiang Fei, lawyer, senior partner and director of the research department, said in his
  • 29201801
    On January 29, 2018, lawyer Zhu Yifan of Noerr Law Firm in Germany, lawyer Shangyou of Jeantet Law Firm in French, lawyer Zhang Xueying of Sherrods Law Firm in the UK, and lawyer Xu Lin of Loyens & Loeff Law Firm in the Netherlands visited our office, who had in-depth exchanges and discussions with lawyer Li Jinnan and lawyer Yuan Jia, partners of International Business Department, on the typical issues and cooperation paths in cross-border mergers and acquisitions.   In this exchange activity, lawyers from five countries discussed the characteristics and commonalities of the mergers and acquisitions in China, Germany, France, Britain and the Netherlands. Moreover, they shared the practical problems and solutions in the process of cross-border M&A transactions in the form of
  • 20201801
    On January 20, 2018, Tahota Law Firm's 2017 overseas offshore agency work conference was successfully held in Chengdu. Principals and representatives from various agencies attended the meeting. All overseas organizations of the conference discussed the topic of “further strengthening the management coordination between headquarters and overseas institutions and further enhancing the business exchange and cooperation between domestic and overseas institutions”.   First of all, Mr. Yang Jianhong, senior partner and head of Hong Kong office of Tahota Law Firm, introduced the development situation of the Hong Kong office in the past year and the future work plan. The office had made major breakthroughs in international commercial arbitration, overseas mergers and acquisitions, and co
  • 09201710
    On October 9, 2017, invited by AddisonsLaw Firm of Australia and “IBA” (International Bar Association), the Australianaffairs representative of Tahota Law Firm Lawyer Ran Xia attended the 2017 SydneyAnnual Meeting of IBA held in Sydney, Australia, and communicated with lawyersfrom all countries in the world such as Australia, UK, the United States, Germany,New Zealand, Korea, Japan and China. The principal aims and objectivesof the IBA are:To promote an exchange ofinformation between legal associations worldwideTo support the independence of thejudiciary and the right of lawyers to practice their profession withoutinterferenceSupport of human rights for lawyersworldwide through its Human Rights InstituteThe IBA works towards theseobjectives through three main areas of activity:Services for
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