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    On October 18, 2010, James Robey, a partner of Wilson Gun, visited Tahota Firm. Lawyer Hong Ni (senior partner and director of Intellectual Property Center), Changwei Wei (general manager and patent agent of Intellectual Property Center), Lawyer Xu Yang (patent agent), Lawyer Xiangkun Zeng and Ying Xue (deputy manager of Administration Department) passionately received the guest.    Ying Xue (deputy manager of Administration Department) led the guest to the office environment of the firm and then the two parties had a meeting in the square meeting room on the 27th floor. During the meeting, Lawyer Ni introduced the basic conditions of Intellectual Property Center and launching conditions of foreign-related business while James Robey introduced the conditions of Wilson Gun and t
  • 17201008
    After multiple rounds of negotiation, Tahota Law Firm signed a cooperation framework agreement with Taipei Guang Hua Law Offices on August 17, 2012. The agreement indicated that the two parties were strategic partners and might launch cooperation in terms of business expansion, business communication and legal information sharing so as to jointly provide compatriots in Taiwan and mainland as well as relevant enterprises with high-quality legal services. The two parties indicated that they would seek for development in cooperation and seek for new cooperation in development in the future. Through cooperation of lawyers in Taiwan and mainland, the two parties would make contributions to the communication of industry, commerce, economy and trade, and culture of compatriots in Taiwan and mainl
  • 22201007
    On July 22, 2010, Ms. Weining Yang, a partner of Hogan Lovells US LLP, and Mr. Dong Chen, a partner of USA Kaiyun Law Firm, visited Tahota Law Firm. Lawyer Shoutai Cheng (director of Tahota Law Firm), Lawyer Hong Ni (director of Intellectual Property Department), Lawyer Shan Wu (deputy director of Intellectual Property Department), patent lawyers Xu Yang and Yingzi Li and Lawyer Guqian Yang conducted extensive communication with American peers concerning intellectual property legal services and international cooperation. The two parties discussed future cooperation and successively indicated that the cooperation of Chinese and American law firms was in the ascendant with broad prospects and full of hope. Both Ms. Weining Yang and Mr. Dong Chen were American senior patent lawyers. Hogan Lov
  • 23201004
    On the morning of April 23, Mr. Robert J. Gaybrick, a Partner of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP, Dr. Yalei Sun, Silicon Valley Office of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP and Ms. Lijie Liu, patent agent of Beijing Office of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP visited Tahota Law Firm. Lawyer Shoutai Cheng (director of Tahota), Lawyer Hong Ni (director of Intellectual Property Department), Lawyer Shan Wu (deputy director of Intellectual Property Department), and patent lawyers Xu Yang and Xiangkun Zeng launched extensive communication and shared wisdom with American peers on current situations of intellectual property business of the two firms, foreign-related patent law practice, patent business experience and cooperation model.After over 2 hours of in-depth discussion, the two parties reach a c
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    In the beginning of 2009, Tahota Law Firm put forward the application of patent agency business qualification into its agenda. Through early-stage personnel preparation and active application, Tahota passed the approval of provincial intellectual property bureau at the end of November 2009. On January 5, 2010, State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C examined, approved and issued patent agency registration certificate to Tahota Law Firm (organization code: 51219). During the examination and approval work, Tahota actively explored patent agency talents. Currently, 4 patent agents and senior lawyers with very professional skills in trademark, copyright and patent further competed the architecture of intellectual property department and actively launched each early-stage preparation wo
  • 14200912
    Recently, Director Taiping Pan from Economy and Trade Office of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in Chengdu specifically called Director Cheng of our firm and extended heartfelt gratitude to the support offered by Tahota to the work of economy and trade delegation from Hong Kong during its stay in Sichuan Province. The whole text was attached as follows:
  • 09200903
    On March 19, 2009, a delegation led by Mr. Lianquan Gong from InvestHK visited and communicated with Tahota Law Firm. Lawyer Jianhong Yang (a senior partner of Tahota) hosted an forum and senior partners Lawyer Jing Liu and Lawyer Chunyan Ma as well as Lawyer Jianming Gan and administration manager Xingtong Chen attended the discussion. InvestHK was dedicated to popularizing the investment environment of Hong Kong, assisting external investors in opening business organizations in Hong Kong, providing clients with organization founding steps, regulations, cost calculation and other specific information in Hong Kong, and promoting investment in Hong Kong through network, proceedings and various activities. In the forum, Mr. Lianquan Gong introduced that the investment environment of Hong Kon
  • 09200903
    On March 9, 2009, Ms. Huiyi Zhao from Stephenson Harwood & Lo Law Firm came to Tahota Law Firm for visit and communication. Lawyer Chunyan Ma, a partner of Tahota, received this guest from Hong Kong. Stephenson Harwood & Lo Law Firm was established in 1979 and it was a famous international law firm. Stephenson Harwood & Lo Law Firm was founded through joint venture of Lo & Lo and Stephenson Harwood LLP. Currently, it hired 100 employees including 40 lawyers most of whom had years of practice experience in the Far East. Stephenson Harwood & Lo Law Firm had abundant experience in extensive practice fields and its advantages covered the following fields: Company/commerce, foreign direct investment, banking and finance, financial service, litigation, shipping, intellectual
  • 30200810
    The global financial crisis meant challenge and also opportunity to law practice. Tahota · Beijing grasped opportunity concerning investment bank business and actively kept pace with international market. As a result, it embraced a new development opportunity. After half a year of communication and business contact, Tahota · Beijing decided to conduct long-term business cooperation with a century-long American investment bank, Sterne Agee & Leach Inc.. Sterne Agee & Leach Inc. was an American national-scale investment bank and securities brokerage firm with extensive foundation and providing comprehensive services. Founded in 1901, it was headquartered in the city of Birmingham in Alabama, the United States and it had branches and offices in 22 states of the United States. It was a
  • 12200809
    On September 12, 2008, exactly before the Mid-Autumn Festival, Dr. Detlef Hass, partner of Munich Office of Lovells LLP as well as Lawyer Daozheng Chen from Lovells Shanghai and Lawyer Weiting Li from Lovells Beijing visited Tahota Law Firm and launched a heated discussion. Over ten lawyers from International Business Department including Lawyer Qianhong Tang (senior partner of Tahota), Lawyer Chunyan Ma (partner of Tahota) and Lawyer Ju Huang took part in the discussion. Dr. Hass introduced the investment environment of Chinese companies in Germany and other relevant conditions to Tahota Law Firm and also mentioned matters requiring attention during investment of Chinese enterprises in Germany. After completion of introduction of Dr. Hass, each lawyer and participants raised various quest
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