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    On September 12, 2008, exactly before the Mid-Autumn Festival, Dr. Detlef Hass, partner of Munich Office of Lovells LLP as well as Lawyer Daozheng Chen from Lovells Shanghai and Lawyer Weiting Li from Lovells Beijing visited Tahota Law Firm and launched a heated discussion. Over ten lawyers from International Business Department including Lawyer Qianhong Tang (senior partner of Tahota), Lawyer Chunyan Ma (partner of Tahota) and Lawyer Ju Huang took part in the discussion. Dr. Hass introduced the investment environment of Chinese companies in Germany and other relevant conditions to Tahota Law Firm and also mentioned matters requiring attention during investment of Chinese enterprises in Germany. After completion of introduction of Dr. Hass, each lawyer and participants raised various quest
  • 18200804
    In the afternoon of April 18, Tahota, as the co-organizer of the “Lawyer Shopping Guide and Foreign-related Business Forum”, participated in this forum in Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) by delegates of partner Chunyan Ma, lawyer Caifeng Zhan and other staff. This forum was jointly organized by Liu & Associates, P.C. and Yien (Beijing) Consulting Service Co., Ltd., seeking to realize communication and exchange among the government, enterprises and professionals in fields of finance, investment and international trade in the context of internationalization and to realize resource share, information exchange and opportunity communication on a better high-end platform. International law and commerce expert Dr. Warren Wen, SUFE President Jinkang Gao, Dr. Zonghui Yan
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    On April 11, 2008, Mr. Jitendra Patel, a partner of Harvey Ingram LLP from Leicestershire and also an old friend of Tahota, came to Tahota for cooperation negotiation and communication. Mr. Patel visited our firm again after last November. Lawyer Qianhong Tang (a partner of Tahota), Lawyer Kexun Hu, Lawyer Chunyan Ma, Law Jun Liu, Lawyer Tiankui Zhang and some administration personnel received Mr. Patel. The two parties conduct in-depth communication and exchange in English in an amicable and harmonious atmosphere. Harvey Ingram LLP had all-round legal service items. Currently, it was considering moving its international business to Beijing. As a partner of Financial Department of Harvey Ingram LLP, Mr. Patel had abundant experience in financing transaction and stock bond. The purpose of t
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    Tahota (Beijing) Law Firm signed a cooperation agreement and established strategic partnership with UIFC which was a professional financial service agency focusing on capital operation and based on financial consulting and management consulting. It was mainly engaged in equity investment, listing coordinator of each major securities exchange in the world, private placement financial consulting, strategic investment management and fund management, and restructuring and M&A financial consulting. UIFC was good at helping domestic enterprises go public in NASDAQ. The two parties agreed in the cooperation agreement that they should provide each other’s project business and complete project missions through common cooperation. UIFC would mainly helped project companies introduced by Tahota g
  • 06200803
    On March 6, 2008, lawyer Robert Levis, the partner of LOVELLS visited Tahota from Beijing. Chief partner lawyer Taishou Cheng, senior partner Hong Ni, lawyer Bin Liu, lawyer Zhengping Xiu, lawyer Qianhong Tang, lawyer Jianhong Yang, lawyer Chunyan Ma, lawyer Fei Xiang, lawyer Bin Cai and administrative manager Xingtong Chen of Tahota warmly welcomed and received Mr. Robert Levis. Communication and exchange were made pleasantly and extensively with regard to SGLA affairs.  LOVELLS is a famous international law firm and one of foreign funded law firms marching into China the earliest. Early in March 2007, senior PM ZAHN of LOVELLS visited Tahota. Robert Levis is currently a director partner of LOVELLS Beijing Branch and is a typical China hand. He is quite familiar with China’s national
  • 20200802
    In February 2008, Tahota (Beijing) Law Firm formally established legal service partnership with Safran Group Beijing Representative Office. Safran is a high-tech transnational group company with annual sales volume exceeding Euro 10 billion. It is mainly engaged in four core industries, i.e. aerospace boosting, aerospace equipment, defense-safety, and communication. The establishing of legal service relationship between Tahota Beijing and Safran Group Beijing Representative Office symbolized further improvement of the ability of Tahota Law Firm to provide high-quality legal services and obtaining of recognition from world-class famous enterprise.
  • 07200711
    On November 7, 2007, Mr. Jitendra Patel, a partner of Harvey Ingram LLP from Leicestershire, was present in our firm for visit and communication. Lawyer Qianhong Tang (a partner of Tahota), Lawyer Jing Liu, Lawyer Chunyan Ma, Lawyer Tiankui Zhang and some administration personnel received Mr. Patel. The two parties communicated with each other in English in a harmonious atmosphere. Mr. Patel briefly introduced his journey in China this time. After arriving in Chengdu yesterday, he participated in a business banquet held by the government and met some government officials and representatives from local enterprises. The purpose of this special visit to Tahota was to further discuss the cooperation details of Harvey Ingram LLP and Tahota. Lawyer Qianhong Tang expressed his warm welcome to the
  • 09200710
    On October 9, Judge Jack Lu coming a long way from the United States offered a lecture named as Operation and Management of American Law Firms to lawyers in Tahota Law Firm. This lecture was hosted by Lawyer Qianhong Tang (a senior partner of Tahota), and assistants of Lawyer Qianhong Tang, i.e. Yiyang Huang and Lu Li, served as on-the-spot interpreters. Lawyer Shoutai Cheng (chief partner of Tahota), Lawyer Hong Ni (senior partner of Tahota), Lawyer Kexun Hu (partner of Tahota), Lawyer Chunyan Ma and some other full-time lawyers, assistants and administration personnel participated in the lecture. Judge Jack Lu had nine year of experience as a professional lawyer in the United States and currently served as a judge in High Court of Justice of Massachusetts. He came to China this time for
  • 17200709
    On September 17, 2007, Mr. Lijia Chen, business official of Consulate General of New Zealand in Guangzhou and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, visited Tahota Law Firm for idea exchange. Partners of Tahota including Lawyer Jianhong Yang and Lawyer Chunyan Ma warmly received the visit of Ms. Chen. New Zealand Trade and Enterprise is a national economic development agency under the government of New Zealand. Currently, it establishes offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. In recent years, with increase of investment project of enterprises of New Zealand in China especially increase of foreign trade of West China, the assistance of professional talents specialized in finance and law are urgently needed. This travel in Chengdu was to conduct early-stage investigation for launch
  • 24200611
    The Issue 3.9 of Asia Legal Business in 2006 published a message which reported that 100 pre-eminent lawyers were publicly appraised and elected from the legal profession of Asia, which included 25 lawyers from Chinese mainland, and the lawyer of our firm, Shoutai Cheng, was elected by the courtesy of the public attention.Asia Legal Business introduced Mr. Cheng like this Mr. Cheng aims at turning Tahota Law Firm into the most excellent law firm in central-western China and sets up the integrated development strategy for Tahota. Under the leadership of him, Tahota got good reputation in central-western China and was awarded with the title of “National Excellent Law Firm” in 2005.Mr. Cheng was elected this time, which confirms the faith of Tahota to develop from three previous transformatio
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