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    Thebusiness of this field is jointly launched by nearly 50 members includingmanaging partners, professional lawyers, assistant lawyers, and secretaries.Tahota Law Firm has most real estate developmentclients in China.

      Thebusiness of this field is jointly launched by nearly 40 senior lawyers most ofwhom own abundant experience of legal work and relevant financial legalpractice in financial institutions. They are able to provide each legal serviceinvolved in financial field.

        The business ofthis field is jointly launched by 5 partners and over 30 senior lawyers withabundant practice experience and profound theoretical foundation in fields likebankruptcy liquidation, enterprise restructuring, assets reorganization,company management and financial taxation.

          Tahota Law Firm is one of law firms allowedto engage in securities legal service business with the approval of China’ssecurities supervision administration. The business of this field is jointlylaunched by over 30 senior lawyers with abundant experience in securities legalaffairs.

            Over 30lawyers, patent agents, trademark and copyright agents and technologicalservice commissioners are engaged in this field. The number of patent lawyersof Tahota Law Firm ranks the first place in Central and West China.

              This field is a new business field launchedby the law firm. Tahota Law Firm has provided legal services for manygovernment departments for a long term and established favorable partnershipwith these departments.

                This department mainly comprises expert members, arbitratorsand senior HR managers of labor and personnel dispute arbitration committee.Currently, a HR professional lawyer team comprising over 30 members has alreadybeen established.

                  This field is a main business field of thelaw firm. This field is jointly launched by a batch of senior lawyers withabundant experience in foreign-related legal services.

                    The business of this field is jointlylaunched by over 40 lawyers and over 20 assistants. It is one of the largestgroups in the law firm.